International Bard Song Day (22/12)

For many fans of the author's song, in addition to the annual festivals dedicated to this cultural phenomenon, among which the Grushinsky and Ilmensky festivals are most famous in Russia, there is also a holiday celebrated annually on December 22. It is called the Day of the author's (or bard) song.

The holiday is unofficial, however, has existed for 20 years. It is believed that it was first celebrated in 2000 at the initiative of Konstantin Shlyamov, an archaeologist and songwriter. But for the first time, the idea was born back in 1985, after which it took almost a decade to come to fruition, when Chita authors and performers gathered for a bard song concert. Then the Day of the Author's Song appeared, however, it was only of a regional nature.

In 1999, the idea of turning the Day of Author's Song into an all-Russian holiday was further developed. The following year, the organizers and the first participants of the holiday (among whom were representatives of different countries) held a meeting via the Internet. The bard community supported the idea, the holiday became an annual event, and over time acquired its own traditions.