International Day of the Desert (01/02)

What unites such concepts as tiramisu, grilled, pudding, chak-chak, cheesecake, eclair, marzipan, charlotte, strudel, ice cream, as well as the dates of November 12 and February 1? It immediately becomes obvious to most that this list can be continued for a very long time. All of them are varieties of popular desserts - dishes served after the main meal to create a pleasant taste experience.

Someone will be surprised not to see their favorite dessert among the listed ones, which only confirms the variety of dessert dishes. But what connects the dates of November 12 and February 1 against this background, we will try to figure it out a little later.

Desserts are present in almost all cuisines of the world, they have their own history, the appearance of some is even overgrown with legends, while others are associated with the names of famous historical figures.