World Non-Governmental Organization Day (27/02)

February 27 is World NGO Day or World NGO Day. Sometimes the holiday is also referred to as the World Day of NGOs (non-profit organizations).

The history of the holiday is connected with the activities of the Council of the Baltic Sea States - an international organization established in 1992 in Copenhagen. In 2010, at the NGO Forum of the Baltic Sea Countries, which was held in Vilnius, the idea was to establish a World Day, which should be a reminder of the role of non-governmental and non-profit organizations in building civil society, protecting the rights and interests of citizens, supporting countries and citizens in difficult situations affected by natural disasters, environmental disasters, etc.

The initiative to establish a day dedicated to the activities of NGOs belongs to Mārcis Liors Skadmanis, who, being a student and studying law, realized the role of non-governmental organizations in the structure of civil society. The idea was supported by the Latvian NGO "Latvian Civil Alliance", and then became the subject of discussion already at the forum of NGOs in the Baltic region.