Revolution Day March 8 in Syria (08/03)

The date of March 8 is known throughout the world mainly as International Women's Day. However, in the Syrian Arab Republic, this day is celebrated as a public holiday - Revolution Day on March 8 (March Revolution Day, People's Revolution Day).

In 1963, as a result of another military coup, the Ba'ath Party, otherwise known as the PASV - the Arab Socialist Renaissance Party, came to power in the country. In fact, this party has retained its leading position in the state to the present, despite the fact that in 2012, following the results of the referendum, which approved the new Constitution, the Baath Party became equal in rights with other political parties in Syria.

Despite the fact that the Arab Socialist Revival Party did not take part in the 1963 coup, this next military coup in Syria itself brought the Baath to power in the state, since Baathist officers were at the head of the coup.