Cognac's birthday (01/04)

On April 1, an unofficial holiday, known mainly in the circles of specialist producers, as well as fans of one of the strong alcoholic beverages, is celebrated - the birthday of cognac.

Cognac is a strong alcoholic drink, a kind of brandy, that is, a wine distillate, produced according to strict technology from certain grape varieties in a particular area.

The name "Cognac" is of French origin and indicates the name of the town and the area (region) in which it is located. It is here and only here that this famous alcoholic drink is produced. By the way, the inscription on the bottles “cognac” indicates that the contents are not related to this drink, since the French legislation and the strict regulations of the producers of this country clearly spell out the requirements for the manufacture of this alcoholic beverage. Moreover, the slightest deviations from the technology of growing a grape variety, the production process, storage and bottling can deprive the manufacturer of a license.