Non-Turning Day ( Business expansion day ) (16/10)

October 16 is a very unusual and new holiday – Non-Turning Day, or Business expansion day.

Networking ( English networking ) – a fairly new word and type of activity for Russia, but its content is rooted in a deep history. The term « networking » is a borrowing from English and literally means « network weaving ». The true meaning of the term, in this case, of course, is not connected with its direct meaning. The network in non-vorking means a circle of acquaintances and connections that allow in a certain situation to solve certain problems more efficiently and quickly.

It is here that every person begins to recall certain life situations when, thanks to acquaintance with the direct or indirect, we solved certain problems or tasks ( employment, search for the right option for placing a child in a kindergarten or school, overcoming bureaucratic delays, etc. ). Many questions in history, including the fate of historical individuals and the fate of historical decisions, developed in a certain way thanks to connections. It is non-marketing that is, in fact, an activity to create a wide range of connections and contacts. It can wear both a household, social, and business character. In the business sector, non-marketing has generally won a stable status of a mandatory success technology.

Of great interest in this sense is the underlying theory of « six handshakes ». It was developed by American psychologists back in the 1960s. It boils down to the fact that every person on Earth is connected with any other inhabitant of the planet through a chain of acquaintances. The average value of the number of links in this chain consists of six people. This theory was interestingly reflected in Russian cinema in the comedy « Christmas trees ».

The holiday appeared due to the fact that non-marketing from theory turned into an effective means of doing business. A whole circle of specialists and experts has already formed in this area who successfully teach the skills of building a circle of connections. They emphasize that there are certain subtleties in networking that should not be neglected. The training is based on the principle of mastering these subtleties: from the moment of awareness of how to get acquainted, build and increase the network of contacts to understanding the goals of establishing acquaintance, the possible usefulness of a particular contact. An important aspect is that when building a circle of connections, a person must understand his possible usefulness for those with whom he meets.

Along with business meetings, conferences, forums, presentations, which are an ideal platform for non-marketing, social networks also play a large role in it.

Non-marketing day is traditionally greeted by holding non-marketing parties and other formats of meetings in order to develop business ties.

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