Non-Turning Day (16/10)

On October 16, a very unusual and new holiday is celebrated - Networking Day.

Networking is a fairly new word and type of activity for Russia, but its content is rooted in deep history. The term “networking” is borrowed from the English language and literally means “networking”. The true meaning of the term, in this case, of course, is not related to its direct meaning. A network in networking means a circle of acquaintances and connections that allow in a certain situation to solve certain problems more efficiently and quickly.

It is here that each person begins to remember certain situations in life, when, thanks to direct or indirect acquaintance, we solved certain problems or tasks (employment, finding a suitable option for placing a child in a kindergarten or school, overcoming bureaucratic delays, etc.) . Many questions in history, including the fate of historical figures and the fate of historical decisions, developed in a certain way thanks to connections. It is networking that is, in fact, the activity of creating a wide range of connections and contacts. It can be both domestic, social and business in nature. In the field of business, networking in general today has gained a stable status as a mandatory technology for success.