Medical Worker Day in Azerbaijan (17/06)

June 17 is the Day of the medical worker in Azerbaijan.

The history of the holiday is rooted in the events of the beginning of the 20th century, when on June 17, 1918, the Government of the newly formed Azerbaijan Democratic Republic established the Ministry of Health of the young state. This state did not last long, after which it became part of the USSR, where the Day of the medical worker was celebrated annually every third Sunday of June.

In many republics that gained independence after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the holiday did not change its date and is still celebrated traditionally on the third Sunday of the first month of summer. Azerbaijan decided to honor health workers the next day, choosing – for this on June 17 as the date of the establishment of the first Ministry of Health in 1918. This professional holiday received official status thanks to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Heydar Aliyev, signed on June 4, 2001. From this day, the Day of the Medical Worker is celebrated annually in Azerbaijan on June 17.

Medicine in independent Azerbaijan had to survive a difficult period of formation, reform and development. The government pays special attention to the healthcare system, allocating funds for the construction of new hospitals and clinics, educational institutions and centers for the training of qualified personnel of health workers, the purchase of modern medical equipment, repair and modernization of existing institutions of the healthcare system, training of specialists and their professional improvement.

As in other countries, the healthcare system of Azerbaijan seeks to pay special attention to preventive measures, while not forgetting about the development and improvement of medical care.

Traditionally, many health workers meet their professional holiday at work, saving the lives of patients, maintaining their health, taking the necessary medical measures to cure patients. Medical workers meet their holiday with colleagues, friends, relatives and friends. Often, festive events are dedicated to the holiday: concerts, awards, diplomas and diplomas, valuable gifts. However, the most valuable reward for doctors remains the words of gratitude of those whose lives and health are saved thanks to their dedicated work.