Physical Education Day in Armenia (23/06)

Since 2009, on June 23, the Day of Physical Education has been celebrated in Armenia. The decision to establish the holiday was made at a collegiate meeting at the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs of Armenia, chaired by Minister Armen Gevorgyan.

Armenia has a long sporting tradition. Armenians have long participated in the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece. The first Armenian to take part in the Games in Olympia was King Trdat I, who competed more than two thousand years ago in quadriga races - chariots drawn by four horses. The first Armenians to become the winners of the Games in Olympia were the future kings of Armenia, the wrestler Trdat (281) and the fist fighter Varazdat from the city of Artashat (385), who became the last Olympic boxing champion of the Olympic Games of antiquity before more than a thousand years of oblivion, which the Games were subjected to. In addition, Armenia hosted its own "Olympics" - the Navasard Games.

Today in Armenia, the most popular sports in the country are wrestling, weightlifting, judo, football, chess and boxing. The mountainous terrain of Armenia provides good opportunities for sports such as skiing and rock climbing. The Tsakhkadzor ski resort in the Kotayk region of Armenia is popular for training camps with many athletes, including Russian ones. Armenia is a member of international sports associations, in particular, it has membership in the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF), the International Federation of Basketball Associations (FIBA), the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) and others. The Pan-Armenian Games are also regularly held in the country.