Summer cottage day in Russia (23/07)

On July 23, a holiday is celebrated in Russia, the popularity of which is not too wide, but the potential for popularity is huge. It is called the Day of the summer resident. For millions of Russians, the word "dacha" has already become an integral part of life. At least, the annual period of life of these millions of people from April-May to October is associated with it.

The concept of "dacha", which appeared in Russia back in the distant 18th century, has certainly been transformed over these few centuries. If at first this term meant a country estate, then later it turned into a country house and a recreation area. This happened somewhere at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, when families of wealthy citizens went on vacation outside the city. As a rule, such dachas were located in picturesque places. In the Soviet period, the dacha initially retained its purpose - it was a site with a holiday home. Such dachas were most often provided to the families of officers, workers of culture and art, political and party leaders.

In the post-war period, with the development of the idea of gardening and horticulture, the meaning of the word "cottage" has seriously changed. The dacha became a place of rest for the general population of the country, and they began to consider it only as an opportunity to grow something from fruit and berry or vegetable crops with their own hands.