International Clean Air Day for the Blue Sky (07/09)

One of the United Nations commemorative dates is set for September 7, which is called the International Day of Clean Air for blue skies. In 2020, it was celebrated for the first time.

It's no secret that the problem of environmental pollution has long been one of the global problems of our time. Human activity and progress, unfortunately, always had a downside, expressed in violation of the ecological balance. In addition to the depletion of natural resources, human activity was accompanied by pollution of various areas of the environment: water, air, soil. Pollution, in the end, many modern environmental scientists refer to the number of factors that have a serious impact on climate change on the planet.

The memorable date of September 7, established by the Resolution (A / RES / 74/212) of the UN General Assembly of December 19, 2019, is designed to draw the attention of all countries of the world to the problem of air pollution. Medical scientists confirm that up to a third of the causes of human deaths from stroke, chronic respiratory diseases, lung cancer and even cardiovascular diseases are due to the polluted state of the atmosphere.