Hobbit Day (22/09)

In 1978, Hobbit Day was celebrated for the first time. This unofficial holiday is celebrated every year around the world on September 22. The initiative of the annual celebration of the Hobbit Day was born in the USA in the American Society of Tolkienists (admirers of the work of the writer DRR Tolkien).

Created by the bright, deep and multifaceted talent of the writer, the fairy-tale world, or even the Universe, won the hearts of many millions of people who once took DRR Tolkien's books in their hands. This phenomenon continues today, almost 100 years after the author began work on his Legendarium. Not surprisingly, in different parts of the world, fans of Tolkien's works began to unite in clubs and communities. It was among such people that Hobbit Day became widespread.

This holiday is celebrated on the birthday of the famous heroes-characters - the hobbits Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, who were born in different years, but on the same day. The author himself indicated this date in his books. However, the choice of the date of the holiday has become an occasion for some controversy among fans of the saga. The fact is that the author gave dates according to a fictional calendar. This gave rise to a dispute about which day to celebrate the holiday: according to a fictional calendar (September 22) or translated into a real calendar that we all use. According to Tolkienists, when translated into a modern calendar, the date should fall on September 12-14. However, the controversy did not stop the celebration of Hobbit Day on 22 September. It has been celebrated for over 40 years.

Traditional for everyone who is going to celebrate Hobbit Day are picnics in nature, often in costume, during which participants try to arrange a holiday similar to the one that the Baggins arranged for their birthday in Tolkien's book. It does not do without fireworks, dances and games. As a keepsake, the participants are left with wonderful photographs, where many try to appear in the image of their favorite characters. Shoes are not honored here, because real hobbits did not wear them, but walked barefoot.

For many people, this holiday, just like the book itself, allows you to escape from the whirlwind of everyday worries and fuss, feel young again, relive those feelings that you were lucky to experience for the first time while reading the timeless books of a wonderful English writer.