Day of the district therapist (17/10)

On October 17, Russia celebrates the Day of the District Therapist. This professional holiday is celebrated by doctors whom every person encounters in their lives, and, moreover, starting from an early age.

It is the therapists who come to the house on a call, finding out the causes of the patient's illness, and having determined the nature of the disease, they decide whether the help or consultation of which of the specialist doctors is required in each case. All the same acute respiratory viral infections, colds, exacerbation of chronic ailments and many other diseases are diagnosed and treated by general practitioners, or the patient is referred for treatment to a specialist of a certain profile - a surgeon, a neuropathologist, etc.

Therapy in translation from Greek means literally “care, treatment”. In certain cases, the spectrum of which is very wide, the therapist himself prescribes the treatment. Thus, general practitioners are actually the initial and at the same time the main link in the provision of primary health care.