Lawyer Day in Azerbaijan (28/12)

On December 28, Azerbaijan celebrates Lawyer's Day. The decree on the establishment of this professional holiday was signed by the President of the country I. Aliyev on December 25, 2019.

The Bar Association of Azerbaijan celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2019. In July 1919, the Bar Association of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic was actually established. The lawyers included in it took an active part in resolving issues of the formation of the statehood of the young Republic, the formation of its judicial system and the principles of the legal profession.

The transfer of power to the Revolutionary Committee and the entry of Azerbaijan into the USSR actually interrupted the full development of the legal system in the Republic. For some time, the legal profession ceased to exist altogether. Certain shifts in the judiciary and advocacy took place after the adoption of the Constitution of 1978, but at that time it was impossible to speak of the emergence of a full-fledged independent judiciary and a system of advocacy.