Jigit Day (01/03)

Dzhigit Day is a holiday celebrated annually in the Chechen Republic and the Republic of Ingushetia on March 1. Although this is an unofficial holiday, however, it is gaining popularity every year, thanks to fidelity to traditional values and ideas about courage, patriotism and other qualities that a real man should have.

The word "jigit" since ancient times in the Caucasus and Central Asia has been associated with skillful riding, possession of cold and firearms, courage and courage. This word formed the basis of the term "dzhigitovka" - a military-applied type of equestrian sport. Translated from the Turkic language, “dzhigit” literally means “well done”, “young man”, “young guy”. At the same time, it is worth remembering that courage and contempt for danger have always been cultivated among the peoples of these regions.

Therefore, already from childhood, the upbringing of boys proceeded in accordance with certain standards, and by adolescence they became real "dzhigits". Even in a simple conversation, addressing a young man by an adult and respected person using the term “jigit” emphasizes the desire to highlight the qualities that a real man should possess. And such an appeal is perceived as praise.