Robert Burns' birthday (25/01)

National holiday — Birthday of the outstanding poet Robert Burns ( Robert Burns, January 25, 1759 — July 21, 1796 ) is widely celebrated in his homeland in Scotland. Scots are very proud of their famous compatriot and honor his memory. The holiday is held not only in Scotland, but also in many areas of Britain.

Robert Burns' birthday is customary to celebrate in the form of a dinner ( the so-called Burns Super ), held according to a specific scenario. First — a small stage action, with poems, songs and folk dances. In Scotland, Burns is revered as a symbol of the nation, and therefore the poet's birthday — is one of the most favorite holidays in the country of — is celebrated widely and noisily.

On this day, Scots take out national costumes from the wardrobes. The tilt and fabric pattern — — is transmitted only through the family line and determines belonging to a particular clan. Clans originate from ancient times, when only the highlanders ( Scots living in the mountains, and not on the plain ) were divided into family clans. Belonging to a particular clan is still an important characteristic of the Scottish family.

Burns' birthday party treats consist exclusively of Scottish dishes. Hagis traditionally prepared from a finely chopped liver ram with the addition of oatmeal and spices. Along with the hagis, boiled potatoes and turnips are served on the festive table. For dessert, a knowledgeable mistress will cook cranichienium — whipped cream with raspberries and toasted oatmeal flakes. And, of course, on the table on this day — the famous Scottish whiskey.

The theme of his poems — is love, freedom, Scottish nature and history. The Scottish language was not a dying dialect for him, but an exquisite poetic tool. Poetry captivates with its simplicity, playfulness and amazing musicality.

Burns is extolled as a romantic poet, however, his poems and ballads reflect the practical sanity of the peasants, among whom he grew up. Burns' work marked the heyday of Scottish poetry — lyrical, terrestrial, satirical, sometimes mischievous.

Now there is not a single Scottish house where Burns and Burns books would not be on the shelves, where his portrait would not hang. Especially among the Scots, Burns poem « In the mountains, my heart » ( My Heart’s in the Highlands ) is popular, which is filled with love for Scotland.

In the mountains my heart... I'm still there, Following the trail of a deer I fly through the rocks, I drive a deer, scare a goat, My heart is in the mountains, and I myself am below. Goodbye my homeland! North, goodbye — Fatherland of glory and valor edge. In the white light we drive fate, I will remain your son forever!