Red Wolf Day (28/05)

Among the many representatives of the fauna listed in connection with the threat of extinction in the Red Book, a special place is occupied by the Red Wolf, in honor of which an ecological holiday has been set for May 28.

This animal is a representative of canines, living mainly in the mountainous regions of Central and South Asia, and is also known under other names: the Himalayan wolf, buanzu, mountain wolf. The red wolf can be found in several regions of India, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Tibet and the Himalayas, Sumatra and Java.

Despite the fact that the red wolf is an excellent hunter, hardy, patient, fearless, its numbers in the wild are constantly declining. Most zoologists agree that the main reasons for this are the reduction in the number of wild artiodactyl animals as a result of human activity, which is manifested both in the displacement of animals from their usual habitats, and poaching. These factors lead to the impoverishment of the food supply. Among other things, there are frequent cases of poaching in relation to the red wolf itself.