Day of formation of juvenile units in the system of internal affairs bodies of the Russian Federation (31/05)

On May 31, juvenile inspectors celebrate their professional holiday. The approval of this date as the Day of juvenile departments of the internal affairs bodies of the Russian Federation occurred in December 2003, when the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation signed the corresponding Order.

This holiday traces its history back to the historical date of May 31, 1935, when the Decree of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR on the establishment of sections to combat homelessness and juvenile delinquency under police departments was adopted.

With the end of World War I and the Civil War, Russia was literally swept by a wave of child crime caused by the fact that the number of orphaned children became very high. We must pay tribute to the systematic approach that the Soviet government developed in protecting children, tens of thousands of whom found themselves without parents and a roof over their heads.