Duan-u jie is a double five holiday (03/06)

Duan Wu Jie is one of the three most important traditional holidays in China. This day is also called the Double Five Festival, Duan Yang Festival, Poet's Day. The holiday is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar.

According to the most common opinion, the origin of this holiday is associated with the memory of the ancient Chinese patriot poet Qu Yuan.

Qu Yuan lived in the State of Chu during the Warring States era (5th-3rd century BC). Many times he turned to the Chu king with proposals for reforms against political degradation, decline and corruption. But the king, believing the denunciations of dignitaries who deliberately slandered Qu Yuan, expelled the poet from the capital. In 278 BC, the troops of the Qin kingdom captured the capital of the Chu kingdom. Qu Yuan, having learned about such a national disgrace, could not bear it and on the fifth day of the fifth month committed suicide by throwing himself into the river. According to legend, upon learning of his death, people in grief and horror rushed into the boats and searched for the poet's body in the river for a long time, but they never found it.