Day of chaos and disorder (14/07)

A very unusual holiday is celebrated annually on July 14, thanks to the American Adrienne Sue Coopersmith, – is the Day of Chaos and Disorder. In an English-speaking environment, it is known as Pandemonium Day, or Pillar Day.

The word « Pandemonium » has been known since biblical times, but it was widely known only in the 17th century thanks to the poem of the English poet J. Milton « Lost Paradise ». In his work, the author, building a plot on a biblical basis, calls this word the halls of the fallen angel cast down from Heaven, personifying the power of Evil. Literally, this word is translated from Latin as pandemonium, confusion and disorder.

The establishment of such a holiday is interpreted ambiguously, and they put different meanings in the explanation of its meaning. On the one hand, the establishment of a holiday dedicated to chaos, and even with a name indirectly associated with the forces of evil, can cause caution. On the other hand, an appeal to the topic of chaos refers us to ancient theories of the origin of the world created from this chaos itself or from nothing. The same theory lies at the heart of the Christian creed, which states that the Lord created the world out of chaos.

A person’s ability to recognize chaos in the absolute meaning that is invested in it by religion or philosophical schools is limited. However, at the household level, chaos in the human mind is nothing more than a contrast to order, that is, its exact opposite. The way of life of a person is subject to certain rules, that is, orderly. This applies to building relationships with other people, and arranging the most material life around you.

In a complex modern world full of stresses and everyday worries, it is sometimes difficult for a person to observe an orderly lifestyle, to keep a house or apartment in order. Sometimes this process gets out of human control, giving it the awareness of the inability to maintain order of additional mental discomfort.

The organizers of the holiday offer to briefly recall that the – mess is a good reason to take a step towards something new, to recall that chaos played a role in building the world we used to. In everyday life, the mess – is a great opportunity to streamline your surrounding world in a new way, making it even better than it was before. It is proposed to carry out general cleaning on this day, get rid of unnecessary things, put things in order in consciousness, and most importantly – do not panic. From chaos, order is born…

Infographics – poster « July 14 — Day of Chaos and Disorder »