Uncle and Aunt's Day (26/07)

To the whole list of holidays dedicated to relatives and close people, once opened by Mother's Day, and later replenished with the Days of Father, Sons, Daughter, Grandparents, a new one was added - Uncle and Aunt Day. It is celebrated annually on July 26th.

The brother of the father or mother or their sister is precisely in relation to the person his uncle and aunt. For most people, the relationship between a nephew or niece and their uncles and aunts is not as intimate as the relationship with a parent or grandparent. However, it is worth remembering that for someone, an uncle or aunt just becomes those people with whom it is easier to talk on frank topics, since they somewhat fall out of the strict family hierarchy.

Many teenagers, with a not too strong age difference with an uncle or aunt, perceive them even as older brothers and sisters or older comrades, which does not work in the case of parents or grandparents. That is why it is easier for many to build relationships with them.