Day of riding dogs (02/02)

On February 2, a wonderful holiday is celebrated dedicated to the animal, whose devotion and service to man continue to amaze the imagination at the present time. It's Sled Dog Day.

For most people, sled dogs are unambiguously associated with such a breed as the Husky. Many will call the husky and the Malamute. But in reality there are about 20 varieties of breeds of sled dogs. All of them continue to faithfully serve a person in harsh natural climatic conditions, where even modern special equipment, at times, is powerless.

Sled dogs are a group of dog breeds bred as a traction force for transporting people and goods over snow and ice. They are distinguished by incredible physical endurance, unpretentiousness, the ability to overcome great distances, and devotion. However, they also have other qualities and features that cynologists are called to remember.