Day of strange music (24/08)

August 24 is International Strange Music Day, or Strange Music Day, which was coined by American musician Patrick Grant in 1998.

The works of this composer are a synthesis of various genres and styles - from popular and classical music to post-punk, ambient and ethnic music. At the beginning of his creative career, due to such an extraordinary approach to work, Grant could not find a studio that would want to release his new disc. As a result, he founded his own label and called it Strange Music (“Strange Music”), with the aim of recording new, unusual music. And Strange Music Day was originally conceived by him as a way to promote his new album. The date of August 24 was chosen by Grant in honor of the birthday of his girlfriend's father, who was a kind of mentor to the musician and supported his creative endeavors. Soon, in the musical community, Strange Music Day began to be perceived as a holiday, that is, it became popular among the "people".

The main goal of the Day, according to Grant, is to introduce listeners to unfamiliar pieces of music that they usually do not listen to, or even have never heard, with unusual music that cannot be heard on the radio or on television. This is a day of expanding boundaries and openness to everything new and unusual, so the motto “listen without prejudice” is perfect for the holiday.