World Pharmacy Day (25/09)

Every year on September 25, World Pharmacists Day is celebrated. This is a professional holiday for pharmaceutical specialists, pharmacists, and everyone whose activities are related to the sale of medicines, their manufacture, research, quality control, and provision of proper storage conditions.

The date of celebration is dedicated to the founding day of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) - a global organization representing and protecting the interests of the pharmaceutical industry, sciences and industry. On this day in 1912, during the work of the World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, held in Turkey, this organization was formed, and in honor of this date, already in 2009, the FIP Council called annually in all countries whose organizations are represented in FIP to celebrate World Pharmacist Day.

Since then, it has been held annually to draw public attention to the significance of the work of these specialists, protect their rights and interests, improve the image and popularize these professions.