Day of reindeer herders "Taryb kör" (20/03)

On the day of the spring equinox, when day equals night, winter recedes. In the old days, the year began to be counted from this date, because the revival of nature began, its renewal. The deer rejoices in the spring light, which is why the national holiday of reindeer herders “Teryb kör” is timed to the day of the spring equinox, which means “Swift-legged deer”.

The holiday, which is officially called the "Day of Reindeer Breeders", takes place in the city of Inta and the village of Yustydor, responsible for holding - the Department of Culture of the administration of the IOGO "Inta". The purpose of the holiday is to preserve the traditional way of life of the indigenous peoples of the North, the original culture of Komi, and the development of a tourist cluster in the territory.

The most spectacular event is the reindeer sleigh race