Reindeer Herder Day « Terib Kör » (20/03)

On the day of spring equinox, when the day equals with night, winter recedes. In the old days, they began to count precisely from this date, because the revival of nature and its renewal began. The deer rejoices in the spring world, which is why the National Reindeer Herder Festival « Terib Kör » is timed to coincide with the spring equinox day, which means « Fast-footed deer ».

The holiday, officially called « Reindeer Herder Day », is being held in Inta and Yustidor, Komi Republic, responsible for hosting – Department of Culture of the IGO Administration « Inta ». The purpose of the holiday – the preservation of the traditional lifestyle of the indigenous peoples of the North, the distinctive culture of Komi, the development of a tourist cluster in the territory.

The most spectacular action – reindeer sled racing ( Photo: Reindeer Herder Festival « Terib Kör » )

Winter's wires have been held in Int since 1962, and in 1997 there was a replacement for the ethnic holiday « Terib kör », which is held annually.

The holiday program is designed for two days. On the first day, official events are held, including an industry meeting where brigades of reindeer herding brigades are invited. After the meeting, a festive concert « Rural gems » with the participation of amateur creative groups from rural cultural houses and artists of Inta is organized on the main stage of the city, in the Palace of Culture and Technology.

The celebration of the second day takes place on the Reindeer Field, next to the village of Yustydor, where winter reindeer herding games – a unique, bright sight are held. Here you can see the features of everyday life, the houses of reindeer herders, the way they dress, hear their original speech, participate in the lottery and draw of the main prize – the emblem of the holiday. The draw is made according to the numbers on bracelets that are issued to all guests, in 2019 more than 6000 thousand of such bracelets parted in less than an hour.

The festival program is saturated ( Photo: Reindeer Herder Festival « Terib Kör » )

The festival program includes deer harness races, throwing an archan, jumping over the backgammon, a plague contest, selling souvenirs and tasting national dishes. The most spectacular action – is to race on deer harnesses, guests themselves can ride, not just watch, and also compete in jumping over the back of the mouth or sweep the lasso. In the plague, hospitable housewives will treat them to national dishes prepared at the stake.

In 2018, the Inta team and the project of the Olenovod holiday reached the final of the National Event Tourism Award of the Russian Event Awards 2018. The whole country learned about the day of reindeer herders. The county leadership has identified the – holiday « Terib Kör » with Inta's business card.

« Terib Kör » – bright, distinctive holiday ( Photo: Reindeer Herder Festival « Terib Kör » )

Inta – is one of the cleanest and most well-groomed cities in the Komi Republic. The population is 28 thousand people. The name of the Inta town received from the Inta River, on the banks of which it stands. « Inta » translates as a place where there is a lot of water. The city is located on the territory of the National Park of Yugyd-va, « Light Water », just 60 km from the Arctic Circle.

« Terib Kör » – a bright, distinctive holiday that makes it possible to look at the life of reindeer herders with her own eyes.