Kört Ike Interregional Art Festival (14/07)

Near the Iron Forest of Kort-yaga lies the Iron Lake Kort-ty. The river Kort-vis is an iron channel, carries its heavy waters. And on the Iron Mountain stands the village of Kortkeros, where Kort Hayka once lived, the iron man - the world's first blacksmith and a terrible sorcerer.

It is here, in the village of Kortkeros, since 2014, that the Interregional Festival of Blacksmithing Art “Kört Hayka” has been held, established by the administration of the municipal district “Kortkerossky” in honor of the 75th anniversary of the formation of the Kortkerossky district.

Every year in the first half of July, blacksmiths from all over Russia and abroad come here, delegations of the Union of Blacksmiths of Russia and other blacksmithing associations come here.