Interregional folk holiday "Lud" (03/07)

The traditions of the Komi holidays are similar to Russian folk festivals, but at the same time, they are distinguished by the originality that preserves the mental code of the people, their ideas about the universe.

Before the start of the hay season, on the first Sunday of July, in the interfluve of the Izhma and Kurya rivers, Komi-Izhma people gather for folk festivals. The holiday takes place on the flood meadows of the left bank of the Izhma River, the village of Izhma, Izhma District, the so-called "island" - a closed place that stores a special energy.

The choice of the date is not accidental, according to popular belief, nature blossoms at this time: every bush, every blade of grass is filled with healing power, remember the holiday of Ivan Kupala.