Republican holiday "Ust-Tsilemsky Hill" (12/07)

For five centuries now, the ancient Russian village of Ust-Tsilma has been carefully preserving the culture of its ancestors. Clothing, crafts, language, songs, prayers, round dances - the shadow of the Middle Ages can be traced in everything.

Ust-Tsilma is a real pearl of the Old Believer culture, and the Ust-Tsilma Hill festivities are a living monument of folk traditions. The roots of the slides went back to the pagan cult of sun worship.

In former times, the beginning of the hill festivities was at the end of May, the time when the meadows in the north were freed from snow and the first grass appeared. Usually the first hill was held on the day of St. Nicholas (May 22) and the festivities continued until St. Peter's Day. In fact, the slides were a gathering place for young people, an opportunity to get accustomed to each other, to create a couple. The bridesmaids coincided with the spring fair, the Cherdyn fair was held in Ust-Tsilma, so the hills were a moving holiday.