Fallas (15/03)

Fallas (Las Fallas) is the name of the Valencian spring festival. Of course, the end of winter is celebrated not only in the Valencian community, but throughout Spain, however, in Fallas there is something that significantly distinguishes it from other similar holidays. Something that attracts numerous tourists to the city during the period from 15 to 19 March.

Fallas is a solemn, or rather festive burning of huge dolls on the night of March 19-20 (March 19 is the Day of St. Joseph, patron of Valencia). The burning of the dolls is the culmination of the festival, which begins on March 1 with a parade of pyrotechnics (mascleta).

In the first days of March, the sky of Valencia looks like a Christmas tree, pyrotechnic fireworks are so numerous and beautiful. In addition to professional teams of pyrotechnics, competing among themselves for the most deafening and spectacular fireworks, special teams dressed in black shirts and checkered scarves around their necks also walk around the city. They throw small bombs, firecrackers and crackers at the feet of all passers-by. Moreover, as in the case of Tomatina, the fact that passers-by or tourists do not know about the tradition of celebrating Fallas does not save them from unexpected explosions under their feet.