Day of a specialist of oversized cargo transportation (Lighting day) (28/05)

This is a new holiday, which has not yet been included in the register of professional holidays in Russia. It is celebrated by specialists providing oversized cargo transportation - logisticians, drivers, technicians, managers and all participants in the organization solving the problem of delivering oversized and heavy cargo.

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For the transportation of such cargo, a large set of requirements is applied to the rolling stock, the condition of the road surface, the restriction of transport networks, the safety of cargo and transportation in general, since the possibility of moving oversized cargo may be limited by the size and carrying capacity of bridges, the size of tunnels, the presence of railway crossings, lines power lines and communications, and even weather conditions and the season of the year.

These requirements must be taken into account when developing a cargo transportation plan and in the process of delivering cargo to a place.

For the transportation of oversized cargo, it is necessary to obtain a special permit, coordinate the route, ensure payment for travel on roads, develop a special movement project, and organize escort.

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Special professional and qualification requirements are imposed on oversized drivers. In addition to knowing the features of the vehicle on which oversized cargo is delivered, he must know the regulatory legal acts governing the transportation of oversized and heavy cargo, the requirements for vehicles and escort vehicles, and the basics of state regulation and control of oversized cargo transportation. An oversized driver is the highest link in the professional development of a driver.

To solve this problem, in 1974 the Committee for the preparation of proposals for the transportation of oversized power and industrial equipment was established in the country.

In May 1978, the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR No. 248 “On measures to improve the organization of transportation of bulky heavy cargo” was issued, and the first specialized research and production association “Spetstyazhavtotrans” began its work. The country has developed a unified system of oversized transportation, which clearly described the organizational issues, technology and regulatory framework.

The direction of oversized and heavy transportation began to develop actively - to develop a classification system and methods of transport security, research work was carried out, delivery methods expanded. The river and maritime sectors joined in, and in 1986, air transport.

From 1981 to 1988, the volume of oversized cargo increased from 353,000 tons to 1,250,000 tons.

1987, transportation from Tolyatti of a safety corps to the GAST. Photo:

By the beginning of the 1990s, Spetstyazhavtotrans provided more than 60% of oversized transportation in the country.

In 1991, the association was transformed into a joint-stock company, the Research Institute of Motor Transport was separated separately.

Today in Russia, according to the Association of Oversized Cargo Carriers, there are about eighty companies engaged in oversized cargo transportation.

Oversized specialist is a separate profession with its own requirements and rules of work.

In order for the quality of oversized cargo transportation to grow, the rules and conditions to be improved, achievements in this area of activity to be noted, and an active professional dialogue to take place - industry activists proposed to establish a separate professional holiday "Oversized Cargo Transportation Specialist's Day".

Bringing together professionals to solve common problems will contribute to the development of the industry.

Transportation of a houseboat before launching. Photo: congratulates specialists in the field of oversized and heavy cargo transportation, and hopes that the holiday will resonate with the professional community and become officially recognized.