Coffee Mud Day (01/11)

If you like fortune telling and are coffee houses, today you have a chance to celebrate an interesting holiday – November 1 celebrates Fortune Day on coffee grounds.

It is not known who and when this holiday was initiated, but many people's interest in esoterics and various fortune-telling ( jokingly or seriously ) gave rise to such a holiday. Moreover, to find out the fate, thanks to the small coffee beans – is very interesting, you can do it yourself and at no special cost.

So, fortune telling on coffee grounds – is one of the most common manifestations of household occultism – is fortune telling, the meaning of which is to study the shape of the coffee grounds remaining in the cup after the coffee is drunk.

Scientists believe that such a way of fortune-telling and predicting the future appeared in the East, when the sultans used the services of the corresponding sages, and he is at least seven centuries old. There is also evidence that Peruvian people also used this method of fortune telling. In Europe, this ritual appeared in the 16th century in England, and then spread to other European countries. However, the Italians also dispute the championship, since fortune-telling on coffee grounds was known even during the Roman Empire.

In Russia, coffee, like a drink, gained fame under Peter I, and fortune telling on coffee grounds became popular at the court of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna. Although such an activity was available only to the noble circle, since coffee was then a very expensive commodity. By the way, later, in Russian, many benefits ( were issued, including « The encyclopedia of fortune telling on coffee grounds » ) and reference books for the interpretation of coffee patterns. But it should also be noted that in Russian the expression « coffee thick fortune telling » is often used to indicate unbased forecasts.

Be that as it may, coffee fortune-telling is common in many countries and communities today, because coffee has become available to everyone. The main thing is to know a few rules: you need to take just ground coffee, not soluble or granular, good clean water, a Turk, a cup with a saucer and, of course, supplement everything with a drop of adventurism, to be ready to know the future.

Coffee for fortune telling is prepared in the eastern ( or in Turkish ) – by cooking ground coffee beans in a Turk so that the thick then gets into the cup. And enjoying the drink, it is important to think about what excites and interests you. It is believed that in this way your energy affects the symbols and signs formed in the coffee cup. The procedure for fortune-telling on coffee grounds, as a rule, consists in tipping a cup covered with a saucer with coffee grounds left after dopped coffee and interpreting the pattern that appeared in the process of such action. Therefore, it is better to take a cup without drawings and ornaments.

In any case, this is another reason to enjoy a cup of your favorite drink and think about the future ... ( Photo: Valentyn_Volkov, licensed by )

The art and meaning of fortune-telling, of course, depend on the correct identification of characters and their subsequent interpretation. Among coffee patterns, lines, geometric figures, numbers, letters, houses, animals, plants, human figures, household items, and nature symbols are distinguished. Each of them is assigned its own value. There are many collections of interpretations of these symbols.

Although fortune telling on coffee grounds has many varieties, but the principle of one – is boiling coffee and drinking it with small sips, in thoughts turning to your problem, you can get an answer to a question of interest. For especially romantic and esoteric people, you can create a special atmosphere of this action – create a half- darkness, light the lights and turn on the corresponding music…

A day of fortune-telling on coffee grounds is not a holiday in the generally accepted sense. This is more a tribute to traditions and needs to predict fate. Many believe in the truthfulness of the ritual, and someone considers it entertainment. In any case, this is another reason with pleasure to drink a cup of your favorite drink and think about the future…