Stress Awareness Day (02/11)

Twice a year, according to the Internet, Stress Awareness Day is celebrated. A number of sources indicate the date on April 16, others - every first Wednesday of November.

The autumn date of the celebration is associated with the activities of the International Stress Management Association, a British charitable organization established in 1973. Already at that time, the negative impact of stress became absolutely obvious not only on a person’s personal life, but also on his productivity.

In this regard, the organizers of the Association began their activities in the field of stress management, studying the main factors that are the root causes of stress in humans, identifying the consequences of stress on the physical and psycho-emotional state of a person, as well as developing specific methods for managing stress, reducing stress as much as possible. load and its detrimental effect on a person both in personal life and at work. The work was attended by specialists from many related fields of medicine: psychologists, speech therapists, physiotherapists, therapists, neuropathologists, etc.