Kitchen wash day (10/11)

What is a kitchen without a sink? It's like a bike without a seat. You can ride, but it's very uncomfortable and you won't get far. A sink is a necessary attribute of a convenient, practical and hygienic kitchen. Even if you don’t cook at home and eat food from restaurants, pour water from coolers, and use dishwashing utensils for dishes and appliances, washing is still necessary for operational needs in the kitchen. For example, to wash fruit and rinse a cup. And those who cook at home at least periodically will confidently say that it is impossible in the kitchen without a sink - it is both inconvenient and unhygienic. In addition, washing now is not just a functional working tool. It can become a decoration of the kitchen, facilitate routine tasks, have additional bowls, a wing, special accessories and make the life of the hostess and the whole family more pleasant and convenient.

The initiative to establish the “Kitchen Sink Day” was made by the Florentina company, a manufacturer of kitchen sinks and sanitary ware made of composite material in Russia, offering to celebrate this holiday annually on November 10th. Exactly on this day in 2011, the first kitchen sink made of quartz composite under the Florentina brand, produced using the company's own technology, rolled off the assembly line. During the period that has passed since this event, the company has become one of the leaders in the industry, and proposed to create such a holiday that would unite the interests of buyers and manufacturers, and serve to improve the consumer qualities of the product to meet user demand.

The sink should: • be easy to use; • the required capacity and suitable in size and depth; • take into account the design features of the kitchen; • include all the accessories you need (some people need a faucet - and someone wants more: a detergent dispenser, a water filter, a disposer that grinds household waste). • be able to withstand the negative effects of high temperatures, household chemicals, impacts; • be easy to use and maintain.

Not only how it looks, but also how convenient and practical it will be to use depends on what material the sink is made of. Sinks are: • ceramic; • composite (quartz and marble); • stainless steel.

"Florentina" produces kitchen sinks made of quartz composite, cast marble, stainless steel and combined, in different designs and colors. All the best qualities of a good sink have a quartz composite from Florentina. This is a modern material with high consumer qualities, including: • antibacterial protection and absolute food safety; • resistance to attrition and scratches; • resistance to influence of temperature in the wide range; • high strength and impact resistance; • ease of maintenance of cleanliness and ease of removal of even the most persistent stains due to the lack of porosity of the material.

Such sinks will organically fit into the interior of any style and trend - from modern to classic.

Managers and employees of Florentina congratulate colleagues and clients on the holiday:

“Washing can! We are in love with our business and our products. We do not only wash, we give mood. Join the celebration!"

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