International Day of Remembrance of Animals Died at Human Hands (06/11)

On November 6, at the initiative of a number of animal protection organizations, an unofficial holiday was established, or rather, a day of remembrance. It is called the International Day of Remembrance for Animals Killed by Human Hands.

History has given the world many examples of the unparalleled and disinterested service of animals to man, not to mention the fact that some representatives of the animal world still not only feed man, but also serve as food for him, and are also used to make clothes.

However, even turning a blind eye to this reality, which is unacceptable for many people, there remains a whole series of examples when human activity consciously or indirectly leads to the death of representatives of the animal world. Animals have died and are dying during wars and military conflicts, serving together with people, dying in the name of human goals. Irrational examples of nature management endanger the habitats of many representatives of the fauna, depriving them of their habitat and food.