International Day of Epidemic Preparedness (27/12)

Despite all the efforts made by the world community in the fight against the global problems of our time, the reality is that the number of these problems is not decreasing, but rather, on the contrary, is growing. Thus, a new threat to the world has become a pandemic of a coronavirus disease, known as COVID-19.

Considering the full range of threats brought by the pandemic to the daily lives of ordinary citizens, as well as the grave consequences for both the global economy and the economic development of individual states and regions, at the 36th plenary meeting of the UN General Assembly, held on December 7, 2020, was adopted a Resolution (A/RES/75/27) on the establishment of a new memorable date - the International Day of Epidemic Preparedness (International Day of Epidemic Preparedness).

The new disease, which led to the need to declare a pandemic by the World Health Organization, turned out to be the most real global problem of our time, before the severity and transient course and spread of which, many other global problems receded into the background.