Bear's Day (13/12)

Bear Day is celebrated annually on December 13 in many regions of Russia. The holiday dedicated to this animal did not accidentally appear on the calendar - after all, the bear has long been revered by Russian people and is considered a symbol of Russia for its strength and power.

The date was chosen due to the fact that on December 13, as is commonly believed, all clubfoot finally settle in dens for hibernation and do not come out until spring.

Bear (lat. Ursus) is a predatory mammal. According to paleontological data, the genus of bears appeared 5-6 million years ago. Currently, there are 4 modern species (brown, white, white-breasted bears, baribal or black bear) and several dozen subspecies. All of them, as well as a number of extinct ones (such as, for example, the cave bear), come from the Etruscan bear, who lived 1-2 million years ago.