Confucius's birthday in China (28/09)

On this day, China celebrates the birthday of Confucius, or National Teacher's Day. Confucius, an ancient philosopher who had a huge impact on the worldview of the entire Chinese civilization, has been honored by the Chinese for more than two and a half thousand years.

Confucian philosophy implies self-education based on the five virtues: kindness, justice, straightforwardness, wisdom, and loyalty. For many centuries it has been the main state ideology of China.

Every year, in honor of this date, the sage's followers hold a festival at the Confucius Temple in his hometown of Qufu. During the celebration, various festivals and exhibitions are held, an impressive ceremony is held, including ancient rituals of Confucianism, a visit to the house-museum, a temple and a grove of Confucius, as well as a lot of music and dance.

By the way, the birthday of a thinker in China is celebrated twice a year. So, the first date - September 28 - is celebrated according to the Western solar calendar and also serves as a reminder of the importance of learning, which was promoted by Confucius. This holiday symbolizes that everyone has the right to knowledge, and not just the aristocracy.

The second birthday of Confucius does not have an exact date. It is celebrated according to the Chinese lunar calendar and falls on the 27th day of the eighth lunar month (this is between the end of September and the beginning of November).