Chunyang Festival in China (04/10)

Chongyang Festival is the Double Ninth Festival. It falls on the ninth day of the ninth month of the lunar calendar. In ancient times, this day was considered lucky.

On this day, the people retain the custom of climbing a mountain (this is called dengao - climbing up), feast on cakes, drink wine infused with chrysanthemum petals and admire these flowers. Climbing the mountains during the Chongyang holiday is a kind of ritual, the symbolic purpose of which is getting rid of disasters and hardships of life, a prayer for happiness.

During the Chongyang Festival, festive cakes were baked from wheat or rice flour. Cakes were decorated with apricot kernels, dates, chestnuts, melon seeds, raisins, nuts.

Since the late 80s of the last century, the Chongyang holiday has become a significant date for the elderly. Every year on this day, various events are held throughout the country in honor of the older generation, they are invited to solemn meetings and amateur art shows. In many Chinese families, younger members of the family honor their elderly relatives by giving them gifts.