Teacher's Day in China (10/09)

Every year on September 10, China celebrates Teacher's Day. On this day, all education workers in the country are honored.

The decision to officially establish this holiday was made on January 21, 1985. The main purpose of the appearance of this date in the calendar was the desire of the Chinese authorities to increase the prestige of intellectual work, lost during the years of the Cultural Revolution.

The modern education system in China is built according to the European model. Compulsory schooling begins at the age of six and lasts for nine years. Six years of them are spent in elementary school, three years in the first stage of secondary education. After that, all those wishing to enter a university must unlearn three more years in the so-called "higher school", having passed the last stage of secondary education. In those areas where this is not possible, children, after graduating from primary school, can enter secondary schools in other areas without entrance examinations.

A separate place in China's secondary education system is occupied by international schools, in which the percentage of foreign students is high. Education there is conducted in several languages at once.

On Teacher's Day in China, students, as well as all over the world, give gifts, cards and flowers to their mentors as a sign of respect.