London Annual Marathon (02/10)

The annual London marathon ( Virgin London Marathon ) — event held since 1981, — is more than a sporting event. This is one of the longest street parties in the world.

Initially, the marathon was held in April, but in 2020, in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, the London marathon was postponed to October, and part of the events was canceled. Since then, it has been decided to hold a marathon in October.

The thunder of the drums, street performances, gatherings in pubs and the screams of the laughing crowd — all this accompanies the athletes' street passage of the marathon distance of 26.2 miles ( 42.195 km ).

Many famous athletes participate in the marathon. For eminent athletes to participate in the marathon means not only to enjoy sports, but also to be able to contribute to the development of social programs and to charity.

For example, participants pay a fee, and the total revenue from organizing the event is £ 15.7 million. Every year, the number of participants in the marathon reaches 43 thousand.

Not only sports celebrities are engaged in a kind of charity — tribute to social programs —. All London organizations, including the smallest bars and even schools, are preparing their street performance specifically for the holiday.