Cyril Day and Methodius in the Czech Republic (05/07)

July 5 - Day of the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles brothers Cyril and Methodius - a public holiday in the Czech Republic. This holiday of Slavic writing.

On this day, solemn services are held in churches and cathedrals of the Czech Republic, including the Orthodox Cathedral of Cyril and Methodius in Prague.

The creators of the Slavic alphabet brothers Cyril and Methodius are rightly called the first teachers and apostles. They not only laid the foundation for the broad development of Slavic writing and translated many books from the Greek language, but also contributed to the fact that the recently baptized peoples heard more clearly the “verbs of eternal life”, felt the universal breath of Christianity. It is no coincidence that both the Orthodox and the Catholic Church canonized them as saints. Thanks to them, the Slavs began to hear the word of the Lord in their native language and were also able to glorify Him with dignity.