Trifon Zarezan is a celebration of winegrowers in Bulgaria (14/02)

The holiday dedicated to Tryphon Zarezan has its roots in ancient times, when the Bulgarian lands were inhabited by the tribes of the Thracians, who revered Dionysus, the god of wine and vines, more than all the gods. The ancestors of modern Bulgarians who came to the northeastern part of the Balkan Peninsula in the 7th century adopted the Thracian traditions of winemaking and viticulture. Subsequently, the winegrowers' holiday was superimposed on pagan traditions in the popular mind.

This is a holiday in honor of the Christian priest Tryphon, who was executed in Nicaea in 250. According to legend, on the day of the execution, insects attacked all the vineyards of the country, and the growers called on Saint Tryphon to protect them.

According to tradition, vines were pruned on this day in order to get a big harvest in the fall, which is why St. Tryphon is called Zarezan (Pruned) in Bulgaria. Now St. Tryphon's Day is celebrated not only by winegrowers, but also by gardeners, gardeners and owners of wine taverns.