Independence Day of Bulgaria (22/09)

Every year on September 22, Bulgaria celebrates a national holiday - Independence Day.

This day marks the anniversary of the proclamation of the sovereign Bulgarian kingdom in 1908. Until that time, the Bulgarian principality was formally a vassal of the Ottoman Empire and in all foreign policy acts asked for the approval of the Turkish sultan.

On September 22, 1908, the Bulgarian prince Ferdinand read out the Manifesto on the Independence of Bulgaria in the city of Veliko Tarnovo. From that moment on, the country changed the form of the principality to the kingdom.

Soon Ottoman Turkey and all the other Great Powers of Europe officially recognized the Kingdom of Bulgaria. A rapid rise began to be noted in the country, which, however, did not last long - after 5 years the Balkan Wars began, followed by the First World War. These wars brought national catastrophes to Bulgaria.

In the modern history of the country, the Independence Day has been celebrated since 1998. The main festivities on the occasion of Independence Day are usually held not in Sofia, but in the city of Veliko Tarnovo near the monument to the Independence of Bulgaria. As a rule, they begin with a solemn reading of the Manifesto, and on the evening of September 22, the Tsarevets city hill is illuminated by thousands of multi-colored spotlights - an open-air light performance “Sound and Light” is being performed. Also, festive events and various celebrations are traditionally held throughout the country.