Lawyer Day and the First Constitution of Bulgaria (16/04)

On April 16, Bulgaria celebrates Lawyer's Day and the holiday of the First Bulgarian Constitution (the Tarnovo Constitution, adopted by the First Great National Assembly of the country in 1879).

The Tarnovo Constitution was almost exactly copied from the Constitution of Belgium - at one time the most progressive Constitution - and assigned to Bulgaria the state structure of a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary legislative power.

In the future, the powers of the monarch steadily increased until the fact that in 1934 the Tyrnovo Constitution was completely violated by Boris III by establishing his regime of personal power. Then all parties were banned, and the cabinet of ministers began to be appointed personally by the tsar. After September 9, 1944, the Tarnovo Constitution was restored, but not for long - after a referendum in 1946, the monarchy was overthrown, and the Great National Assembly was again convened.