Republic Day in Italy (02/06)

On June 2, Italians recall important events that occurred in 1946, and celebrate Republic Day ( Ital. Festa della Repubblica Italiana ). This day is considered the birth of a new system of government in the state — from that day Italy ceased to be a monarchy and switched to the republican system of government.

After the end of World War II and the fall of fascism in Italy, a constitutional referendum was held at which citizens were invited to choose the preferred state structure: the monarchy or republic. And so, on June 2, 1946, the entire population of Italy ( for the first time including even women! ) came to the polls.

Almost 55% of those who voted spoke in favor of the republic, which meant — the country decided to say goodbye to the monarchy forever, proclaim the Republic, switch to the republican system of government and choose members of the assembly, which subsequently had the important responsibility of creating a new Italian Constitution. Therefore, June 2 in Italy is considered to be the birthday of the Republic.

The holiday is state in accordance with the law on the National Day, signed on November 20, 2000 by the President of Italy.

Usually on this day, military parades and many solemn, memorable and recreational events are held in large cities.

In Rome, along the prospectus of the Imperial Forums from the Coliseum to the foot of the Capitol, festive columns are held, which include representatives of all military branches. At the Altar of the Fatherland in the center of the capital, celebrations are held with the participation of the country's top leadership and laying flowers at the grave of the Unknown Soldier. Air Force fighters fly over the center of Rome, spraying the colors of the national flag of Italy in the air.