World Writer Day (03/03)

World Day of the Writer is celebrated in almost all countries every year on March 3rd. The full name of this holiday is World Peace Day for the writer, it was established by the decision of the 48th Congress of the International PEN Club (International PEN Club), which was held from January 12 to 18, 1986.

PEN was founded in London in 1921. The name of the organization is an abbreviation formed by the first letters of the English words Poets - poets, Essayists - essayists, Novels - novelists. Interestingly, the abbreviation in this case coincides with the word pen - translated from English - a pen.

The idea of creating the organization belongs to the English writer Katherine Amy Dawson-Scott (Mrs. CA Dawson Scott). John Galsworthy became the first president of PEN. In 1923, the first international congress of the PEN Club took place in London, at that time PEN centers were established in 11 countries of the world. Today, such centers operate in 130 countries.