National holiday in Luxembourg (23/06)

Luxembourg State Day ( National Day in Luxembourg ) — Grand Duke's Birthday, celebrated annually on June 23, — is rich in tradition. In the evening, on the eve of the holiday, fireworks and concerts are held, and this lasts until late at night.

The public holiday begins shortly before noon, at this time the army marches to Parliament and accompanies members of the government to the National Council. Other members of the government, the royal family, the diplomatic corps and the large public have already gathered there.

After a short service, Te Deum, the Foreign Minister invites the diplomatic corps to the national theater for breakfast. The day ends with dinner at the Palace of the Grand Duke. Parades and festivities take place during the day.

Luxembourg public holiday is celebrated on June 23, despite the fact that the real birthday of the Grand Duke Henri falls on April 16 ( 1955 ). But his father Jean, being the Grand Duke, postponed the celebration of his birthday, which falls on January 5, to summer. After all, January in Luxembourg — is not the best time of the year for parades and fireworks, so His Royal Highness kindly agreed to move the date of celebrations by 5 months, to allow Luxembourg citizens to enjoy more of their national holiday.