Children's Day in Mexico (30/04)

In Mexico, children are loved and pampered. This is evidenced by the fact that Mexican children have their own special day of the year - Children's Day (Dia del Niño), celebrated on April 30th. Traditionally, on this day, all children receive gifts from their parents and relatives.

Large children's centers, theaters and game halls are preparing festive programs for young visitors, the obligatory numbers of which are music, dances, costume performances, and games.

Mexican children, like all children in the world, are very fond of dressing up and playing outdoor games. A lot of children come to the holiday in national costumes and, of course, in a sombrero! And for visitors under the age of 12, admission is usually free.

Interestingly, in 1995, the National Museum of Mexican Art initiated the first big celebration in honor of Children's Day. The children's events organized by the museum this year were so popular that the museum staff decided to continue the tradition and hold a children's party on a larger site. Since then, student volunteers and high school students have been involved in the preparation of the holiday.

But on this day, not only entertainment, but also socially significant events and charity events are held, they are mainly carried out by public organizations in order to collect money, toys, warm clothes, etc. for orphans.