Memorial Day of the victims of the 1988 earthquake in Armenia (07/12)

December 7 is officially celebrated in Armenia as the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Earthquake.

On December 7, 1988, the whole world learned about the terrible tragedy when an entire city was destroyed, and tens of thousands of inhabitants died under its ruins. The city of Spitak completely turned into ruins, Leninakan and Kirovakan and other cities and villages of Armenia were half destroyed.

The 1988 earthquake, also known as the Spitak earthquake, caused great damage to the economy of the republic. It covered more than 40% of the territory of the republic. 21 cities and districts, 342 villages were affected, 58 of which were completely destroyed. The total damage to the economy of the republic from the earthquake is estimated at about 10 billion Soviet rubles.