Vardanank (Saint Vardanants) - Day of mercy and national tribute to heroes (24/02)

Vardanank (Saint Vardanants) for Armenians is the Day of mercy and national tribute to the heroes. The day is celebrated in memory of the defeat of the Armenian troops led by Vardan Mamikonyan in the battle with the Persian army on the Avarayr field.

In the middle of the 5th century, the Persian Empire attempted to force Armenia, the first Christian state in the world, to apostasy. In 448, the Shah of Persia, Yezdegerd II, sent a message to Armenia demanding that they adopt Zoroastrianism. The council of the highest clergy and secular nobility of Armenia, convened in Artashat, rejected this demand.

The Armenians were aware of the danger hanging over them - the adoption of Zoroastrianism was tantamount to assimilation and complete destruction of the Armenian people. An uprising began in the country, which gave rise to the creation of the mass popular movement "Vardanank", which united the entire Armenian people: the nobility, the clergy and the peasantry. The movement was named after the inspirer and leader - Vardan Mamikonyan.